OpenAlgae Services

Test and measure

The process is monitored continually using high-performance liquid chromatography, thin-layer chromatography, nuclear-magnetic resonance, and mass spectrometry.

  • Identify the types of lipids in the algae
  • Quantify the lipid potential of the algae
  • Track the abundance of lipids throughout the process
  • Determine the composition of the final oil

Onsite services

OpenAlgae’s three technology platforms, concentration, lysis and oil
recovery, are combined to produce a turnkey transportable algae oil recovery
unit. Our processing units will produce meaningful amounts of algal oil
while assessing and demonstrating technical and economic viability.

Scalable, transportable systems

Our novel, transportable units are scalable and have the potential to provide cost-effective processing capabilities to small rural growers as well as larger commercial operations. This scalability is crucial in three ways:

  1. Rural areas will be able to assess whether land can be converted for algae growing and at what scale.
  2. Commercial viability demands that water be re-used and transported as short a distance as possible.
  3. Algae growers must be able to evaluate the technical and economic viability of their specific production system and initiate adjustments to production parameters.

With our suite of technologies, these crucial points can be satisfied through implementations adaptive to the cultivation processes and refining requirements unique to individual algae growing operations.

Analysis and monitoring

OpenAlgae holds the expertise and know-how to evaluate an algae grower’s unique challenges and potential, recommend and implement a processing solution, and monitor the process and product to ensure smooth operations and high product quality. Through a combination of testing services, equipment to be placed at the growing site, and process monitoring services, OpenAlgae aims to provide the “missing links” between an algae crop and its market opportunities. OpenAlgae customers will in turn use or sell the biobased products generated.

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