The Market for Algae

The US and Europe cannot grow enough corn, soy, or rapeseed to meet their biofuels targets. Fast growth in US and European biodiesel markets between 2007 and 2009 has led to increased biorefining capacity, but a shortage of feedstocks. Our process facilitates algae becoming a viable feedstock.

As the algae market opens up, processing solutions will be in demand. Growers will need access to biorefineries, and biorefineries will need clean, abundant feedstocks. As for delivery, the US has invested seven trillion dollars in its existing petroleum refining and distribution infrastructure, so drop-in fuels are a preferred source for oil and aviation companies.

If you are a pilot-scale or commercial-scale grower that wants to recover oil from algae and maintain viability of the remaining biobased products, then talk to us.

We know our customers have distinct growing environments: a bioreactor-based operation in Texas, an open pond operator in California, an algae research and growth company in Hawaii, a wastewater treatment facility in Australia. Growers are seeking OpenAlgae’s solution to harvesting algae for biofuel.

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